Limits is a beginner-friendly investing app that helps users with a tight budget and little investing knowledge get their foot in the door with investing.
UX Design
Visual Design
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Problem Statement

Users are interested in investing, but some lack the funds to do so, and need a controlled approach that will guarantee them to have enough money to invest.

Competitive Research

I began by researching existing investing applications and came across 'Acorns,' an app that rounds up users transactions and invests the spare change.

I looked into the reviews for pain points, and found that users were surprised at the amount of money being taken out of their account.

Great app but be careful
"But if you're like me and push your bank account red this can be dangerous.... This company tried 3 times to pull from an empty bank account, causing me to have to pay almost $90 in penalties."

3/5 stars
Promising idea but disappointing
"They don't take [round ups] but rather entire sums at once... small amounts of change for each purchase you wouldn't notice, lump sums of money you do.."

1/5 stars
People bitterness
"...The people who say Acorns overdrafted their account when they [have] $5 in their account... if you don't have $5 in your bank account... smh."

5/5 stars


I researched existing investing apps and gathered users' experiences on using them. I developed personas based on my research to narrow down my target audience and how I can help them.

Content Ideation and Wireframing

I decided to create a budgeting app with a focus on investing afterwards in order to help users have a controlled and seamless investing experience.

I thought about what kind of content users would find useful and how to visualize it in an effective and seamless way.

Brand Incorporated and Vibrant Visuals

I aimed for an interface with a look and feel that was aesthetically invigorating while maintaining its accessibility and usability.

The Results

Unique, Controlled, and Beginner-Friendly

The concept of Limits uses a unique approach that I designed to give users a controlled way to invest:

If users are experiencing trouble with having enough funds to invest, Limits helps them budget their money and streamlines the process of investing with the surplus of a successful budget.

Budgeting and Monitoring with Ease

Users can view their budget, monitor their transactions, and review their progress over time.

Streamlined Investing

Now that users have successfully budgeted for the month, they have left over money, and can now invest from this surplus.

Viewing Portfolio Performance

Users can view their portfolio performance, make other investments, or withdraw from their account.


All decisions matter: From the color of a button to the space between icons, each decisions I make in a design should have intention behind them, and it will make a difference in how users will interact with a product.