A War Unseen

I researched and deconstructed information on issues U.S. Veterans experience, and reconstructed to tell an impactful visual narrative.
Visual Design
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Problem Statement

How can information on issues experienced by U.S. Veterans be told in a compelling visual narrative?

Deconstructed and Organized Data

I researched and gathered information on U.S. Veteran issues, and deconstructed the data into common ways people read information such as location, category, and time.

Finding Connections

To show the relationships between each issue, I began my initial ideation by drawing a web diagram. The relationships were not straight-forward and everything connected to each other in a complex web, which inspired the final design's concept.

Versatile Typography

Knockout is a heavy-duty typeface that can be used as a title, subtitle, and everything in between, which helps communicate a wide range of information clearly.

Colors that Drive the Visuals

The warm, pastel, analogous, drive the visuals, creating contrast to the dark background and through the the text boxes, icons, and lines.

Conveying a Complex Narrative

Information is conveyed in the form of lines connecting from one category to another. This approach, along with the structure of the design, shows the complexity and stressfulness of the story.

The Results

Key Takeaways

Data is Beautiful: This project was my favorite one in college. It sparked my interest in data and visualizing it—not only in a way that communicates things effectively, but also in a compelling way that tells a story.